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Budget Plus Budget Account

Budget Account

How it Works

It works by taking your money and dividing it into agreed pots that you can not accidentally spend before the bill is due. We agree with you how much needs to go into each pot, and how to manage what is left over. You can decide to have the left over money transferred to either, one of our card accounts or to an external account, either all at once or divided into weekly amounts. The choice is yours!

Highlights of Budget Accounts

  • Money can not be withdrawn until the bill has been deducted
  • Allows you to manage your money better
  • Pay your bills on time
  • Enable you to set savings targets and save for specific items
  • Improve your credit rating and manage debts better
  • Become a better saver

When you open a Budget Plus Account you can set up regular payments into the account by:

  • Having your benefits paid into your account directly
  • Transfer from other accounts with your Credit Union or elsewhere
  • Direct deposit from your wages/salary

All you need to do is decide which bills and payments you would like to be made on your behalf, each week or month, and London Plus will do the , each of your agreed payments are made on As long as your income comes into your account as agreed, each of your agreed payments are made on time. We can then split up the remaining balance into weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments to your Pre-Paid card, savings or current account.

What are the benefits?

  • Stay on top of multiple household bills in a dedicated account
  • Take control of when payments should be made - Avoid costly bounced direct debit and bank charges
  • Prioritise bills so that if you don't have enough to cover all bills the most important ones are paid

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Budget accounts are specifically designed to help you manage your day to day expenses and ring fence important costs such as rent. These have been introduced to help all our members but have special features for people who will need additional support ahead on Universal Credit.

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